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October 23, 2014

My recent road trip resulted in two very enjoyable and wonderful erotic hypnosis sessions for my website ( https://HypnosisFetish.com - NSFW / Adult Only ). I've been talking a lot about the first session with Samantha, however there's still a lot more to talk about because I had an amazing session with Pixie also!


October 18, 2014

I'm still in awe over how attractive my volunteer was a few days ago. This photo is about as sexy as I can get away with on Facebook, but fully dressed, partially undressed, or completely nude, she looked really great. I absolutely loved her curves!

She was really shy, and this along with a presumably normally soft spoken temperament made her very quiet. However, her facial expressions were very expressive and clear as day, and we got a tight and close look at them with the camera shot.

There are many challenges that my work brings in to my life, and there are so many aspects of it that are not fun at all. However, to go from a first meeting over coffee to this moment in about an hour, and then to go further still is just way too amazing of an experience, and is why I still do it. (That's just in my professional life. my private life can be even more intense, but that's a story for another time.)


October 18, 2014
The home stretch of our expedition went without incident. It was a long drive.

We gave the first candidate, who flaked out four hours before her original session a second chance, because she expressed interest and apologized profusely and we were already going to be driving through on the way back.

Normally one miss is all it takes for elimination as a candidate. Under the best of circumstances the odds are against a candidate being a good fit for my project, there are so many factors involved. If they miss the first meeting, for any reason, the odds of them working out drops to near certainty that they are not going to work out.

On the other hand, e-mail costs me nothing, and we were driving through her city on the way back, so there was almost zero opportunity cost to giving her another chance.

The day of came around, and we didn't get any acknowledgement to our emails and there was no contact from her, and in light of the fact that she had already demonstrated herself as unreliable, we took our time heading south. There was no sense in rushing for the sake of a bad bet.

She finally started responding to my inquiries about half an hour before our, unconfirmed meeting time, and I told her that we were caught up in traffic, and that we could still meet with her. She told us that she was waiting for her work to call her in and that she might have to go in. This is what ended up happening.

At this point I was completely finished with her, because she had set up the meeting with the expectation that her work was going to call her during the time that we would have been doing our thing if she made it past the interview.

It's bad enough that I can't trust her to keep an interview date and time set less than 24 hours prior, as was the original case. This demonstrated that I couldn't so much as trust her not to flake out after just an hour, as would have happened if the interview went okay and then we would have gone off to set up, then she would have called and said, "oh, I'm sorry, work called."

I don't care how potentially attractive she may have been, I had pretty much had my fill of her at this point, and sent her the "thank you for showing interest in my project, but at this time I don't think you'd be a good match," email of final and permanent rejection.

However, since I still hadn't seen her in person yet, she could have been a fat, balding 45 year old guy for all I knew.

The rest of the drive, while long, went it's course. I took a cat nap that turned in to 8 hours of fairly restful sleep, and we played around in Quartzsite to break the trip up a little. Ingress found us some interesting nooks and crannies, and we think the town looked much better in green.


October 17, 2014

Decided to sell my assistant to a quarry on the way home for a tank of gas. I have every bit of confidence in her future success as a quartz miner.


October 18, 2014

Goodbye Oregon, it was fun.


October 15, 2014
Starting to wrap up the apogee of this expedition. We've met both the minimal victory requirements, as well as the expected victory requirements, and I'm anticipating the trip to actually turn a profit in the long term, although it's pretty much wiped me out in the short term.

One of my site members re-upped his membership, and that's going to make it possible for us to possibly get one more shoot done on the way back. Additionally I am hopeful that we will not be driving on fumes from our last tank of gas as we roll in to Tempe.

Out of the four that we had scheduled, two are complete and one is still scheduled. The last one, after being unreachable finally turned up and we were scheduled to meet up today.

As we finalized the details, she wanted to enter in to negotiations, which is within her rights to do. However, as the process went on, I lost the desire to work with her. Too many scheduling problems, too much difficulty finalizing the arrangements, too much limitations on what she wanted to do, and asking for too much money.

Once again, all within her rights, but towards the end of the process, while it was still possible to have a deal, I started thinking to myself, I don't expect this to be any fun at all. Out of politeness, I let her financial requirements be a financial objection, and we wrapped up negotiations without a deal.

Our final candidate was originally going to be our first candidate, and had she not cancelled four hours before our initially scheduled meeting, we would have had something new a few days ago to replenish the war chest while we were in the field. This would have made things much easier, and I would have felt better, earlier, about the success of the trip.

Normally, if it's just a bullshit excuse there's no further contact. However, she re-established contact and since we're passing along her area anyway, there's no cost to taking another shot at it. Of course if anything is dodgy, that's going to be the end of that. If this deal comes together, and if the session goes well, the we will officially exceed expectations for the expedition, which would be kind of neat.

We'll probably raid the farms up here before we leave the region. There's something like 100 level 8 portals spread across two farms. I don't know where there's anything like it anywhere else, and being armed to the teeth makes Ingress much more fun.

A lot of our friends are going to be in Southern California this weekend, so we'll be passing through there. So even after we resolve candidate number 4, one way or the other, there may still be some interesting things occurring on the home stretch.


October 15, 2014

A photo from yesterday's erotic hypnosis session, Samantha.

We met for coffee before our session, and this was the first time I set eyes on her in person. She was sexy from head to toe, definitely the girl next door look that goes so well with what I do.

She looked absolutely stunning, curvy in all the right places and very sexy hair. She was really nervous, but at the same time was confident enough to try out the experience. There was definitely a chemistry between us, and I really had to hold back from hypnotizing her in the coffee shop (and save it for the camera).

The process went very smoothly, and we got to a very sexy place. Towards the end of the session as we were bringing it to a close, she was kind of caught up in wondering how it was possible to feel what she was feeling, and that curiosity made it very hard for me to bring it to a close, as I just wanted to keep on causing her to respond to my voice.

I'm very happy with how it went, she was very attractive, looked good on video, good tech with the video it's self, and good responsiveness to the hypnotic phenomena.


October 14, 2014
We are two for two today. This takes us from minimal victory to solid victory for this expedition. This is a relief because I bet the farm on this one.

The new lights traveled and worked good. Production is now done completely with CFL. We have a maximum capacity 19 x 60 watt CFL on 4 stands, so we are good for lights. We were cramped for time and space out here in the field, but the tech worked out.

Also did some interesting things with audio and video, so I am more or less happy with the tech.

The content was good. Very happy with it. The two girls had a different energy from each other, but both went to a very sexy place.

The third candidate was a no show, but production went late on each of the first two, and after emailing her to call her off because we hadn't received her confirmation for a scheduling change, she said she was called in to work. So it was no hard feelings on either side.

I can breathe easier tonight and look forward to sleeping in a cozy room on a comfortable bed.


October 14, 2014

This picture doesn't do her justice, but wow! She was amazing!

No matter what, the expedition is now officially a success! Now it's just a matter of degree of awesome!


October 14, 2014
We've been out in the field for three and a half days now.

I originally had five candidates on deck. However, I decided to reduce the length of the trip by a few hundred miles in a combined effort to reduce the transportation costs, length of time in the field, and just out of a lack of confidence in the fifth candidate.

Our first candidate, who had been completely on the ball with the scheduling, flaked out four hours before we were supposed to meet with her, claiming that her brother was injured in a car crash and she couldn't make it.

There's not enough graveyards in the world to fill with the bodies of all the relatives that suddenly have mishaps a few hours before shoots. Although we were a few hours out of Stockton, I could definitely smell bullshit in the air. However, we had an extremely narrow window of time to work with her, and she missed it, and that was that. Forget about her and move on.

It was very discouraging, however, because my plan made use of this first session at the midpoint on the trip to get us something to show for the time and expense right out the gate, and to immediately start recovering the costs. The budget was extremely tight, almost down to the very last dollar, and living that way is very stressful.

I thought about scrubbing the whole mission, at that point I'd only be out gas money, and there'd still be enough cash to live another month while I figured something else out. However, that would probably just leave me in the same position in a month, with no better prospects than what I had now. There's usually a high attrition rate, I don't expect 100 percent to pan out, and while it was annoying to not make this waypoint, the remainder of the plan still looked good. We just lost the hedge to our bet, so we had a greater economic risk at this point. This was a little demoralizing, because these expeditions don't always work out. The sooner you can achieve minimal sufficient victory, the better.

We continued along to our destination and got in to town a day earlier than we had planned. We were hoping to move the production schedule ahead on account of this, but not only did that not happen, but it took longer to get everyone rounded up and scheduled and we ended up moving forward a day late, and with another one of our candidates completely bursting in to photons with a complete lack of response or communication.

In order to pass the time and take our minds off things while we waited for the rest of the world to catch up with us, we played some Ingress and had a pretty good time. We found some farms that were pretty amazing, and utterly and completely redefined our terms of what we thought a properly stocked inventory was. Rolled in to town with 3 level 8 resonators, rolled out with 274. Around so many level 8 portals that you can't separate them on the scanner, and so used to hacking them that you don't even pay attention to the results, you just move on to the next one as quickly as possible. Armed to the teeth with 300 level 8 bursters, laughing at the thought of all the blue fields that are going to get collapsed on the drive home, and meeting some cool people along the way.

The original plan was to come out, do what we set out to do, then turn around and go home for post production as quickly as possible. The disruptions in our schedule along with the delays slowed this down and dragged things out. Since we didn't have the resources to both accomplish our goals and objectives and also prolong our time in the field we had to ration things right out the gate. Half servings of protein powder, no food luxuries outside of out customary Voodoo Doughnut and a slice of pizza each, to keep us in good spirits. They have WinCo out here and I was able to cheaply obtain out of the bulk section some soy protein powder, oats, that when mixed with some vanilla greek yogurt and a little bit of a flavored yogurt makes a very hearty and sustaining food stuff that I call "hero's concrete."

There's no way that we could sustain hotel rooms for this length of time out here, so we've been camping out in the Del Sol. We know how to do this invisibly, and it doesn't get that cold yet, just the 40's to the 50's. The Del Sol leaks in the rain, and we've been fortunate that it was dry until last night. We've been through a lot harder times so it isn't a big deal. There were many, many nights last year that I would have celebrated for the luxury of sleeping in such conditions.

We had another candidate appear at the last minute, and we'll see how that works out. We also re-established contact with the first one, and she wants to try again when we pass back through. As such, it is still possible to achieve total victory for our objectives.

At this point it's the calm before the storm. Everything has been set in to motion and now we shall see how the universe resolves. The bulk of the outcome of this expedition is about to be resolved, and the cascading second and third order effects are going to determine a great number of things that will occur over the near and medium term. I'm reasonably optimistic for a favorable outcome.


October 14, 2014
"What did they use to make this coffee so hot, nuclear power?"

"No, this is Oregon, they wouldn't use nuclear. It would be recycled something."

"Recycled nuclear?"

-Discussing coffee with my assistant. — at starbucks.


October 14, 2014

My assistant always gets a treat when we are in the Pacific Northwest.


December 27, 2013
This website has gone through a lot of changes over the years. I've owned this domain for a little over a decade.

My last server crash a few months ago brought it down, and there has been a lot going on that has kept me from taking the time to bring it back up. However, I realized that the social network sites aren't really adequate for getting the word out (especially with stuff like this going on).

So here we go again.